Bumble research and Truth in 2021 with charts


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Hunter Thornton

25 september 2018

Bumble research and Truth in 2021 with charts

Within this extensive collection we’re going to curate the absolute most current data regarding the internet dating application, Bumble. A few of these Bumble research originate from Bumble’s recognized pr announcements or revealing, most are according to field studies reports, number of are usually believed based on different analysis techniques.

We are going to give attention to globally statistics and on the united states, just like the me is the country making use of the finest amount of Bumble customers global.

If you know that a few of the statistics we show here are perhaps not the latest one, tell us in the review point and can revise the data correctly.

Dining table of materials

Bumble Research – Users

Number of Users Statistics Worldwide

As Bumble is not a public team yet, they may not be needed to discharge individual rates or specific money reports. There are plenty of statistics being going swimming.

A 2020 report says there have been an overall total 87 million people who need Bumble all over the world but there’s no formal confirmation for this, someone else from 2019 puts the www.sugar-daddies.net/sugar-daddies-uk amount around 66 million people.

The energetic users tend to be positioned in 150 region.

Amount of energetic people in america

With respect to consumer numbers in the usa, Bumble could be the next most well known matchmaking platform with 5.03 million users in the usa, just Tinder keeps extra users in america with an astounding 7.86 million users based on 2019 Statista data:

Number of People which made use of Bumble one or more times

The 5 million active Bumble users statistics signify out of the 210 million mature People in america, around 2per cent keeps a working accounts on Bumble in fact it is a great figure.

But another fascinating wide variety is actually the amount of Us americans bring installed and used the application at least one time. There has been a survey produced in April 2020 that calculated this wide variety as around 8% associated with the me mature society which will be around 20 million folks.

Although this amounts will probably not be affirmed by Bumble as there are no way to individually confirm the legitimacy nevertheless demonstrates how big result Bumble have on millions of Americans’ everyday lives.

Bumble’s gender ratio all over the world

Bumble that will be most often is known as the Feminist Tinder is known for their most good gender proportion into the internet dating industry. In 2019, centered on an App Ape research, reported by Statista, 34.5per cent of customers were female and 65.5% customers comprise male on Bumble.

This ratio demonstrates just how online dating is actually ruled by men when using one of the most popular internet dating apps just one next for the energetic consumers are girls.

Bumble’s Gender ratio in the usa

The usa reveals similar circulation of customers by gender proportion, based on a study done in 2020, recommended by Statista, 10% from the mature men population used Bumble when compared to only 6per cent on the female populace which means around 60-70 percent of the Bumble customers in the usa are male.

Bumble Users’ years stats

Unfortunately, Bumble will not document any official years demographic information that we could display right here. Receive a much better idea concerning the ordinary age in addition to circulation of Bumble consumers by get older, we have witnessed several surveys conducted through the years.

In accordance with just about the most mentioned SurveyMonkey research, Bumble has got the youngest demographics from all preferred online dating programs. The study reported that above 63% of Bumble customers include more youthful than 3 decades outdated. An essential caveat that this study got executed back 2016, thus also the review information is maybe not the quintessential latest.

Years distribution facts folks Bumble customers

We are able to increase latest information when we simply have a peek at the age statistics of Bumble in the United States. In accordance with this Statista data, 13per cent of all of the grownups in america from age 18 to 29 purchased or are using Bumble at the time of the research. This proportion is actually 10percent among 30-44 decades and 4% among 45%-64 years of age everyone.

This data reveals internet dating is now more frequent when you look at the old generations too, as Bumble, the online dating app which mainly utilized by younger generation, comes with plenty of old customers.

Bumble customers’ some other demographic data

As these internet dating applications run best if you reside in or close to a big city or perhaps in a metropolitan location truly somewhat astonishing that considering a 2020 research merely 6per cent are now living in cities, 11% in residential district areas and 7per cent inside the rural area from those Us citizens who use Bumble

This geographic submission is more conceivable whenever we put that the majority of the Bumble users tend to be really of and stay well-educated, as these demographic cohorts generally are now living in the suburbs next to larger places.

And Bumble people are really well-educated, a lot more than 91 % of customers over the age of 22 have at the least a bachelor level.

Therefore the degree of degree typically correlates absolutely with income levels it is far from a surprise that Bumble people makes decent money as 13per cent os all-american grownups that use Bumble generate significantly more than a 100 thousand USD every year and simply 7percent render around 50 thousand USD.

Bumble Use Research

Considering a data research from 2017 the average consumer spends 100 minutes everyday from the app. Until 2017 above 750 million fits are facilitated by Bumble plus it had been estimated getting accountable for 5,000 wedding parties and engagements.

Bumble once the feminist Tinder keeps a misuse document rates of 0.008 percentage, which can be allegedly one of several most affordable within the online dating sites market.

Bumble companies reports

Bumble revenue data

Once again, as Bumble is certainly not a public business but, they’re not needed to report exact income statistics, but it is forecasted that Bumble has made around 300 million USD in 2019 which means that in a single seasons the organization was able to increase the sales.

The majority of Bumble’s revenue is coming from their superior subscription plan Bumble Raise. Unlike Tinder, they do not operate any commercials on the system.

Bumble valuation and possession

Bumble is owned by MagicLab, a company that can has another preferred relationship app, Badoo and was actually established by Andrey Andreev

After 2019, Andrey Andreev ended up selling its entire risk of MagicLab which valued Bumble plus the greater company to in 3 billion USD.

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