Events AZ

CHARITY EVENTS AZ is the result of over 25 years of hard work. The company has created numerous charitable Poker and Golf events for clients and work with them from idea to finishing point. Each Poker/Golf event encompasses our proprietary structures and strategies designed to maximize revenue for our clients.

We are much more advanced than fundraising companies which seem to be all over the place. We are highly skilled, expert fundraising advisors with unquestionably the finest staff. We work hand in hand with our client to provide a full suite of infrastructure components designed to facilitate and manage all the marketing, administration and logistical tasks that are traditionally led by our clients.

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Take a moment and read along our website and reach out to us so we may create a stunning Event, memorable and just right for you.

A little About Us

Charity Events AZ (CEAZ) is a business founded on a sense of purpose, and our one of a kind experiences shapes the way we endeavor to make the fundraising experience more than just another event. CEAZ is the final piece of a process that started 25 years ago. Our company began doing charity Golf tournaments for different companies and organizations in the early 1990’s. Producing successful events, hundreds of individuals and community groups have supported us and have taking part in fundraising activities and events every year. This has helped us raising more than $500,000, and in acquiring Event Poker AZ LLC, we now have the last piece of the puzzle. We can now offer both popular event areas that can raise funds for a myriad of Charities, Companies, PTA’s, Sports organizations, Hospitals, and businesses in both Golf and Poker. We provide all services and training for the success of a golf/poker charitable event such as advertising materials, planning, and marketing support, training and financial forms for the organization with complete assistance to the organization/business as required. Our goal is to make the Charitable Poker or Golf event a successful, breaking, and Fun-filled experience. Our mission is to make sure that your experience is exceptional, from the very first discussions you have made with our team until the last chip or last golf shot is played is.

How Our Company Emerged

Organizing an event and looking for some fun? GOOD NEWS! We are the best fund-raising company to make that happen. In this present era, many people do not care much about helping others. They are concerned only with their SUCCESS! Then around the late 40’s they suddenly realize that what they are doing means little, and they begin looking for MEANING in our lives. They now have one of two choices. They either continue down the road for their own experience and possessions, OR they change and work to make the second half of their lives mean something to themselves and others, To have their live have SIGNIFICANCE. We made that latter decision and had started looking outward to others and their wants, and not hidden to ourselves. Remember, we came into this world with nothing, and it is positive we will leave this world with nothing. This opportunity gave us a great responsibility to use our talents, both business and personal, and abilities in a right way to help others. The rewards are incalculable and far-reaching, and if we can use these talents and expertise to help raise funds for others, we have succeeded in both our eyes and the eyes of God. This is why we are doing Charity Events because we know strong shoulders can carry heavy burdens along the way, better called responsibility.